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Jules Andrieu

JULES ANDRIEU, a French sculptor born in 1991 and a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Karlsruhe, sculpture section, studied with one of the most important sculptors in Germany, STEPHAN BALKENHOL, and also worked with the famous Japanese artist, TADASHI KAWAMATA. Coming from a family of creative people, Jules Andrieu has always been surrounded by a “workshop” atmosphere, as he says. He draws his inspiration from nature and his environment.

JULES ANDRIEU is constantly refining his creative technique in its materiality and complexity and focuses his work both on semi-figurative sculptures entitled “Esel” (donkey in French) and his abstract work of Primary Tensions. His benevolent donkeys, which remind him of his childhood, are a way for him to pay tribute to them. They are a counterpoint to his abstract work of Primary Tensions, the (Ge)Dichte (Poetry and Density in French) in stone and his Julesstein (Jules’s Stone) in bronze.

HIS PARTICULARITY: Jules works these metal sculptures by concretions or sculpts wood with a chainsaw! Why? Because it’s the only tool that allows him to give these hairy textures!

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