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Between stolen shot and painting !

KOMILI offers us urban landscapes imbued with realism, which take us to the border between the stolen shot and the painting. She does not invent any place, she invites herself in the streets, the alleys but also in the heart of building sites or abandoned quarries to work like a documentarist, in the survey of architecture. This gives rise to landscapes devoid of human figures but powerful in light and color, which are neither still-lifes, not still alive, but something much more moribund.


Abstract expressionist!

DUQUET offers us a superposition of shapes and colours, his work is devoid of all forms of figurative representation, which leaves our own imagination free to read and interpret his artworks. An assembly of squares and rectangles that pile up like a construction game for children, provided with a great stability. When discovering the artist and his paintings, Oscar Wilde's words make sense to the Charron gallery...


Jazzu is a French artist born in 1983. A former special education teacher, painting comes to him as an outlet, a way to express what he feels in his daily life, because it is his emotions that he paints. It goes from his reaction to current events, through the music he listens to in his

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Golnaz Afraz was born in Tehran in 1981. She comes from a family of Iranian engineers. Already as a child, she had a true artist’s soul. Wherever she went, she took her drawing book with her and drew everything, everywhere, all the time. Despite a university start in mathematics, in the early 2000s, she definitely

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Is the current art gallery format still efficient?To this question, the founder of Galerie Charron, created in 2007, answers that it is essential to know how to adapt over the years to the different expectations of collectors and art lovers around the world, in order to be able to promote the gallery's artists over the long term on the French and foreign contemporary art scenes.

As the art market and new technologies evolve, Galerie Charron reflects the image of its founder. Passionate about art, communication and Franco-German culture after a career within the television channel Arte, Cécile Charron likes to confront the cultural differences she knows well by establishing a dialogue between the works of her renowned artists and promising talents from all horizons.

Galerie Charron provides support to its contemporary artists, some of them since the beginning of the gallery's creation, in the development of their most ambitious projects in dedicated spaces, at international contemporary art fairs and, of course, online on the gallery's website. Gallery Charron's offer has been digitised in 2020, notably through interviews with visual artists, in order to offer the greatest possible visibility to its exhibition programme of contemporary artists. Galerie Charron has also founded "Artkemia", a support programme dedicated to visual artists.

Galerie Charron's main focus is on a diversity of expressive and narrative works that it calls its "coup de coeurs", which it fully acknowledges; a production of figurative and abstract art translated by the mediums of painting, sculpture, photography and works on paper. Over the last few years, Galerie Charron has expanded its art collection with internationally renowned artists. Galerie Charron is a member of the Art Galleries Committee.

Contemporary art gallery since 2007, the Galerie Charron offers you advice and personalised guidance in the acquisition of contemporary art works. In order to offer maximum visibility to our artists and allow you to consult their works from home, Galerie Charron has created the Store, an online sales catalogue with all the usual guarantees for gallery purchases, from secure payment, to trusted carriers and professional delivery follow-up.

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